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More “Weakness” this summer!

Comrades! “Weakness” is showing at Durban International Film Festival this coming week, then at ActNow Short Film Collective in Brooklyn this August, and the Imagem dos Povos Film Festival in Brazil in September. Stay tuned for more info to come!


Director Wanjiru Kairu travels with “Weakness” to the Images that Matter Film Festival in Addis Ababa

Travel is good for the soul. It takes away your everyday worries, opens you up to a whole new world and for the emerging filmmaker it fills up your senses, giving you new insights & paints your imagination.

Ethiopia opened my mind in many ways; I have to admit I had very little expectations of the place, I just didn’t know what to expect. Now I’m considering learning Amharic and setting up there. Reason being, Ethiopia feels like my home.

The Images that matter film festival afforded me the opportunity to meet amazing people that I learnt a whole lot from and I’m really giving credit where it’s due -the workshops, filmmakers, mentors and staff – everyone was on point. So kudos!

However, the one thing that really got to me was the Ethiopian film club. The festival organized for its guests to meet the film club and together we would talk about our common goals and halve our problems.

When we got to the venue, over a hundred people both young and old came to meet us.
I’m talking about active members that diligently meet every week to watch and discuss their films.
My mind was blown and I had a quick flashback of a writers guild a few of us were trying to set up back home but seemed to have crushed and burned immediately it took off because, I suppose not everyone was committed to the common goal. The goal being new and improved films, one that would see us working and supporting each other.

As the plane taxied out of Addis I thought about the bigger picture and whether it’s possible for the Kenyan film community to be united?

What do you think?

1)What concerns or frustrates you about the films coming out of Kenya today?
2)What heights are we capable of reaching & where we are now?
3)Do we really have the time to sit and wait to get there?

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Durban Screening Schedule is out!

Dear Comrades,

“Weakness” has about 8 screenings at the Durban International Film Festival. Check out the schedule (we’re on page 103! under the Chakalaka group!) Don’t miss it!


“Like” our new Fan Page on Facebook!

Hey kids! Come over and “Like” us on Facebook (I know you’re all on there anyway!) that way you can easily keep up with the fabulous adventures of the little film that could!


Weakness accepted to Durban International and Images that Matter Film Festivals!

The “Weakness” train is still going strong it seems! We just got accepted to the 31st Durban International Film Festival and our director Wanjiru Kairu has been invited to attend the 1st Images that Matter Film Festival in Addis Ababa with the film! Lovely!


New York African Film Festival this Week!

Join us at the Walter Reade Theatre on THURSDAY APRIL 8TH @ 8:30p and SUNDAY APRIL 11TH @ 2:45pm to watch the New York Premiere of Weakness!


New York, here we come!

It’s official: we’ve been accepted to the 17th New York African Film Festival, the biggest festival representing films by and about Africans in North America!

We’re super excited and will keep you updated: watch this space!