By ekwamo

Wanjiru framing the action before a scene

The cast of  Weakness are some of Kenya’s most sought after thespians. Get to know them…you won’t be disappointed!


MELVIN ALUSA (ROBBIE): a versatile Kenyan actor who is a regular on both TV and film. He’s played a wide range of roles from the carefree playboy on MNET’s  The Agency to a hard-edged creatively-blocked writer in Weakness. He also recently featured in Sam Feurer’s latest production, The First Grader, directed by Jim Chadwick.

MAQBUL MOHAMMED (NICKY): considered to be one of Kenya’s hardest working actors, Maqbul is best known for his bad boy character “Karis” in the long time television series, Makutano Junction. He is also a popular radio host of Capital FM, a leading R&B and Hip-hop station which plays in Nairobi city.

CHICHI SEII (SUSIE): studied acting in Australia. Chichi is newly returned to East Africa to lay down her artistic roots., although she has had a long affair with dance, theatre, singing and performance since her days in primary school at music festivals and professionally. She recently featured in the award-winning play, Cut Off My Tongue which had a very successful run in both Nairobi and Europe. A much sought after actress, she is also a writer for a new Kenyan television drama, Higher Learning.


2 Responses to “The Cast”

  1. February 4, 2010 at 9:57 am

    Cant wait to see “Higher Learning”. 🙂 Kudos to y’all!!

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