By ekwamo

on the set of "Weakness"

Some of the best and brightest artists came together to work on this film, all interested in putting out a product that tells a story and advances the industry.


WANJIRU KAIRU (DIRECTOR): a filmmaker based in Kenya whose main goal is to create films that are compelling, original and successful in promoting dialogue on social issues. She has successfully produced, directed and written for television and has a number of hit shows and award winning programs. She is currently working on her first feature project, The Transcendence, an African superhero narrative.

WILLIE OWUSU (DoP): a Kenya-based cinematographer who has written and directed award-winning short narrative films, which have been screened at festivals in Europe including winning the Ecumenical Prize at the Oberhausen International Short Film Festival in Germany. His portfolio includes music videos, TV commercials, as well as MNET-East’s television series Changes. He is one of the founding partners of production company, Big Ideas Entertainment, LTD

IVAR MAKARI (EDITOR): has a BA in Film and Television from Curtin University of Technology in Perth, Australia. He specialized as a writer/director, minoring in editing. After university he moved to Norway, where he worked as an editor/cameraman with the national broadcaster, NRK. He then moved back home to Kenya, where he established Black Viking Productions, a small independent film company.


Wangui has a BA in Media Arts from New Jersey City University where she majored in Film Production. While in the USA she worked as an Associated Producer for E-Asylum and a booking Producer for Comcast News Makers at CN8 New Jersey. Since her return to Kenya, she has worked as Producer and Production Manager on numerous theater and film productions. In 2009 she established Simplicity Limited, a film production company. Wangui is also a published writer for children’s books.

PAUL KIST (SOUND DESIGNER) Paul Kist is a technologist, composer, and photographer who spends most of his time between New York City and Boston, MA.   Paul received his BA from NYU in Computer Science and is working on an M.A. in Music Composition from NYU’s Steinhardt School of Education. His credits in music and sound production include: Polaroid (2003, Composer), and Cross Pollination and You (2008, Sound Editor).

(c) Danielle Jackson 2010

EKWA MSANGI-OMARI(PRODUCER): a Tanzanian writer/director/producer with a BFA in Film Production and an MA in African Cinema, both from NYU. Her first TV series, The Agency was selected by MNET-East in 2008 as one of two original Kenyan series to be televised continent wide, the first of its kind from the region. She is currently the Industry Coordinator at Tribeca All Access and artistically, is writing a murder-mystery series based in Nairobi and a fantastical-realism feature film based in Zanzibar.

ABDU SIMBA (WRITER/EXEC. PRODUCER): a partner of Serengeti Advisers Limited, a Tanzanian Business Advisory Services firm, where he specialises in Media Analysis and Communication Strategies advice.  He is also a founding trustee of The Flame Tree Media Trust, a non profit organisation created to support and promote creativity in the Tanzanian visual arts and media industries. He’s written and produced several documentaries and dramas for East African audiences.


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